State of Nevada - Board of Osteopathic Medicine Application

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for considering obtaining an Osteopathic Physician License in the State of Nevada. Nevada remains among the fastest growing states in the country. With such population growth, the need for physicians is increasing.

The Board of Osteopathic Medicine's primary mission is to protect the public by licensing osteopathic physicians and physician assistants who demonstrate clinical competence to practice medicine as well as the professional and ethical demeanor necessary to lead the modern health care team. With this in mind, we have developed application procedures, which are very thorough so that the board can maintain confidence that the licensees will benefit the community in which they practice.

Balancing the states dramatic need for physicians with the public mandate of quality and professional excellence; the increased desire from the profession for license portability; the board has worked tirelessly to modernize the application process. The application you will be completing, although somewhat lengthy in appearance, is as concise as legally permissible.

Nevada upholds some of the highest medical licensing standards in the United States to help maintain the public's trust in the osteopathic medical profession. Additionally, the board has updated the requirements to obtain information considered important in the licensing process, please see below:

1.) Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) or Primary Source Verification You can send in a Primary Source Verification, or complete the FCVS. The FCVS provides a centralized, uniform process for all state medical boards to obtain primary source verification of a medical provider's core medical credentials. To initiate the FCVS credentialing process as soon as possible, log onto or call 817-868-4000. The gathering and verifying of core credentials takes the longest amount of time during the application process, therefore we encourage that it be initiated immediately.

2.) Fingerprinting for NCIC - National criminal Information Center (FBI). Pursuant to NRS 633.309 all applicants of licensure (except a special license) must submit to the board a complete set of fingerprints for a criminal background check. Although a criminal record or history may not be absolute grounds for denial of licensure, these and all issues will be seriously considered and MUST be disclosed on your application before this report is received in our office. If an applicant fails to include on their application a criminal history that is discovered through the criminal background check, the application for licensure WILL be immediately declined.

After we have received your completed application with the fee, the FCVS report, the criminal background check report, and all other required forms, the packet for licensure will be reviewed by our Executive Director and pre-approved to be sent to our Board Members for their review. All packets must be completed within 30 days of any scheduled board meeting to be considered for that particular board meeting. If the packet is accepted, you will receive a letter by mail letting you know that you have been scheduled for consideration at the next board meeting.

As of January 1, 2008, we now have another option referred to as "License by Endorsement", please refer to NRS 633.400.

If you are a resident who is enrolled in a postgraduate training program in this State, has completed 24 months of the program and has committed, in writing, that you will complete the program, a proof of satisfactory completion of the postgraduate training program must be sent to us within 120 days after the scheduled completion of the program.

If you do not meet the requirements, there are no other accommodations for special request and you must wait for the next board meeting for final Board approval of your license! No exceptions!

An interview may be required if the Executive Director deems it necessary to explore your packet more thoroughly if certain information was learned during the application process. All applicants required to attend an interview with the Board are notified 21 working days prior to the meeting date via certified mail.

SUPERVISION OF PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS: NOTE: ALL physician assistants MUST be supervised IN PERSON for the first 30 days of working with every new doctor of osteopath who they have a cooperating agreement with. The statute, NRS 633.469(3) states: A supervising osteopathic physician shall provide supervision to his or her physician assistant in person at all times during the first 30 days that the supervising osteopathic physician supervises the physician assistant. The provisions of this subsection do not apply to a federally qualified health center. Regulation NAC 633.289(3)(a) states: Except as otherwise provided in NRS 633.469, shall provide supervision in person at least once each month to the physician assistant.

Again, thank you for considering licensure! If you have any questions, regarding the application process, please do not hesitate to contact the Board office and speak with the licensing specialist.

Please print the following checklist before proceeding with the online application.
DO Application Checklist PA Application Checklist
Please do not forget to submit the license application at the end.

Effective Immediately: Applications are currently closed while the Board is in the process of Updating its systems. Please contact us with any questions at 702-732-2147
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